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This web page is to introduce some of the characters mentioned throughout the series of Distractions 3312

It is a work in progress...


Xedeousrel's Distractions 3312

Please enjoy the stories if you like, and get to know the characters 

each is very special in their own way... 

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Xedeousrel's Distractions 3312​

by Ellen Salter Cleary

Distractions 3312

Volume I

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Di​stractions 3312: Volume I

This is an introductory story of many strange happenings and how we survived through all of it. 

A lot is unbelievable but it did happen... or did it? 

 Coincidence? Fate? Or did she have a nervous breakdown? Is this all just hallucinations?

There is the old saying... "Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction"... Why did things happen the way they did?

Is she crazy... or just woken up... 11:11

Based on true happenings...

Available now at these locations and more to come...



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Enjoy the story "Magic of the Woods" and "Therapy Sessions"

Meet some of the characters throughout the series of "Distractions 3312"...

Magic of the Woods

Did you ever wonder where the ideas for the creatures of mythology and fairytales come from? There are quite a few magical doorways that, if you catch them just right, you will be able to find a world of fantasy you could never dream of! There is only one catch…you have to believe... or you won't find them.

Meet the Muses

These muses were brought to me over time and introduced as children and  are born with the knowledge and training they were made for... My job is to teach them to use their "special gifts" wisely and only when the situation calls for it. 

Overcome Your Fears

                Therapy Sessions

People ask "what does a 'Medium' do?" 

 Therapy Sessions with Spirits and my "Behavior Disorder" Entities.

These sessions are ordered, and I was the "first to accept the job". 

          Meet the  "Bad Ones"

They feed on tears, screams, and anguish... and their favorite foods may surprise you... the more you give in to them, the more they win...

The Beezes

The managers who hand out the assignments

The Bresail Angels

These angels are used constantly and horribly by the bad ones.

The Elders

Meet the "Elders"... they help me through my day as they train the muses for what they are made for.

These are the "Taken" and do not have "free will"... 

The Guardians... Returned

These are special angels that are still used by the bad ones but their free will was partially restored...

My Protectors... My Guardians...

For Extra Protection from the Bad Ones

Simple Recipes

These are some of the recipes mentioned in the books... I try to make everything myself as I like to know what is in the foods I feed my family... there is a reason I do what I do...

Products and Services

Just as the title says...

Spiritual Services

Muse Bottles 

 Books available now 

and introducing more... 

A little about me...

This is me... both the face that everyone sees... and the darkness I have to overcome... every day... on my own.

Since my husband of 32 years died in October of 2015, I found I can do things. I also started writing things down. 

Memories and things that happened on a daily basis. 

People have told me I should "write a book". So I did. I am not a professional author or even a professional writer, but I do love the fact that I can write things down and not be shushed or told to "shut up". 

As I started putting my thoughts into my diary, I found... there is a book there. 

There are other stories as well but I haven't been able to get them in a form yet... 

I also found, I have a brain and I can do things that I never knew I could. I was never able or allowed to go to college or anything. I couldn't afford it. I am just a high school graduate that barely made it through school. I was mostly bored in class and found the clouds moving across the sky out the window was more interesting than the teachers' lectures. But when I  worked in the school system as a Paraprofessional in Special Education and Behavior Disorder classes in High School and Middle School, I learned along with my students and understood them as they found I was pretty easy to talk to... I would listen to them without judging them or labeling them.

I found subjects that grabbed my interest and held it. As I studied every part of these particular subjects, I learned what I needed, and as an Autodidact, I learned a lot of my education on my own.

I have been through and seen a lot of craziness in my years and couldn't understand why these things were happening to me and always looked for some way to find answers... then I met "them"... and I am still here to talk about it.


People even think I, myself, am "crazy". Maybe I am, or maybe... just woken up... 11:11.

D​istractions 3312: Volume II

A lot has changed since my husband passed away... a lot more has come to light since I found "Owen"...

Our Awakening...