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The Used...  

These are my protectors that were made for me but were "taken" and used by the bad ones.

 I have since reclaimed them and they assist my Guardian Sitael and protect me from major attacks... however, they are still used but I can command them to stop the attacks. 

Urial and Mmueteagal "Courage and Fear"

Urial... November 8, 2002, Mmueteagal was not born but made on time to go

time to go... interference is here. 

She is “Your Greatest Fear” and he is “Courage”… together, they helped me overcome my greatest fear… spiders.

Mmueteagal alerts me when Urial is missing so I can call him home as he is sent on many missions without her. He is ordered by the bad ones to disrupt phone service, or cause a temper tantrum, depression, addictions…. ALL addictions… alcohol, drugs, cutting, etc.… and also causes violence and is used as a “hitman”. 

He uses fists for fighting and punching. They made him “Darkness of Hell” and her… they made into “Certain Death in the Darkness”.

After years of being with them, and working with them… I have learned many things… they love… and they do what it takes to help us survive…

They are both great with electronics...

He disrupts phone service and can manipulate smart phones equipped with blue tooth...

She does a lot with computers... especially touch screens and wireless... 

The Laviathin and Legion is Many

Before calendars but not before time

"The Laviathin" is the life force and psyche of the dragon and "Legion is Many" is the scales and armor that holds the dragon together...  

They are one… and they are known as the “Dragon of War”.

They were controlled by Papillo... The 5th seal known as "Suffering of the Innocent"  as well as the first bad one, Lucifer... it causes "Wars". 

It likes to watch the fighting and feeds from it.

They would much rather play "kidnap" with the dragon muses. The possessions they were forced to do were horrible to say the least. 

As a contortionist, Legion is Many had to do some pretty horrific things to the victims he had to possess while The Laviathin had to do nightmares, hallucinations, projections and seizures. 

They are forced to do many possessions and pray to be stopped.

Everything they do, they feel as well... and their "bosses" get to watch the torments from a safe distance but feed from the torment caused. 

The first picture... is a small portion of what they look like... smiling... 

the second gives more detail however the figurine does not do them justice... together they are very majestic and quite beautiful. 

Archangel Rophiel

June 30, 1960

Made specifically for me at the time of my conception, and hand picked by my Guardian Sitael to protect me for life...

He is one of a kind... and was stolen at 8 years old and used by the bad ones for many things... his story will come... but not today.