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Introducing "The Muses"

 “Inspiration”, “Intuition”, “Imagination”, and “Incentive”…

They are generally sent on a beam of sunlight…

Did you ever wonder where the ideas for the creatures of mythology and fairytales come from? There are quite a few magical doorways that, if you catch them just right, you will be able to find a world of fantasy you could never dream of! There is only one catch…you need the keys to open the doors.

My “special friends” that are in my charge, look for the keys almost every day. They have only found a few but always keep looking. These friends of mine come from another universe as well. They have their own special “doors” but they don’t like to use them.

Once they are here they would rather not go back to their universe so they stay here with me and help me with my daily chores. Without them, I don’t think I would make it through the day. I call them my “special education” or “behavior disorder” angels. 

They are pretty awesome helpers. Most of them are what they refer themselves as "muses".

They help me on a daily basis to do things and get them done...

They do not give their real names as it is forbidden... but some have a few names they go by... according to the parts they play.

The eyes are the hardest to do but I am still learning... 

Some of the drawings are the muse themselves guiding my hand and are looking in the mirror so they may be backwards... 

the star eye for boys is in their left eye, the girls are the right eye... and the eye they see with

The iris eye is sometimes hidden because it tells what they are and it tells their future of what they are to become...

Little Zacharia... 

The Only Angel That Sleeps

November 05, 2013

He is a very special little boy that loves to be bounced on my foot or swinging on the bottle. 

He does his bedtime prayers with me and I tuck him in every night...

He is not an ordinary angel... he is very special and one of a kind. 

I know Little Zacharia exists and is a sweet little 8 year old boy that loves to sing silly songs and likes to bounce and play. He also loves it when I sing him to sleep. 

When I first met him, he was 4 and he would bounce on my foot or swing on the bottle... he is the only muse with free will and aged on a human timeline... and has mass ...

 His favorite is the song “A Dream is a Wish” from Disney’s “Cinderella” and he sleeps with me in my Build a Bear "Cupcake" from my grandson.

When he is with me I feel like a goofy happy go lucky child that sings silly songs. I feel like skipping and jumping and doing childish things. He seems innocent and carefree… like a 8 year old should be… but who is he and where did he come from?

Most of all? Why did he come to me? Why did he attach to me?

When I say I need to take a pain killer because I hurt so bad, the one controlling the keys practically begs me not to. 

They say “everything you do affects him”. 

The hot chocolate coffee makes him hyper so I have to keep it to a minimum, and, early in the day. I need to put him to bed before dessert. He eats and drinks whatever I consume and most medication hurts him. 

Zacharia was specifically made for a very special purpose… my job is to teach him right from wrong and keep him safe until his true purpose is revealed and comes to be...

Since this was written, Little Zacharia has been missing... the bad ones steal the angel muses when they turn 8 years old as it is the perfect age for the muse to be trained, yet still not able to refuse an elder... Little Zacharia had to be hidden so the bad ones could not find him... 

Since he has been hidden, I have been lost myself... a part of me... the very best part... is gone...

we had to hide him... we all love him as much as you do but to keep him safe from the witch and the warden, we had to send him somewhere they could not get to him. when it is safe for him to return, he will come back but he will be with the vessel he is meant to be with. at least we go to visit with him today... even though it was only for a moment.

I do miss him so much...

we do too but he loved that big hug.


July 27, 2006

He has a very big story to tell... 

When he first came to me, he was 13... almost adult... he helped me with my back and alleviated a lot of the pain. He did some driving when needed but his teacher was with him for that. He was also training for leadership skills.

When he turned 14, he was moved from me and given his own command, however, the bad ones... had another idea... they ordered him into an oubliette meant for one of the bad ones... he was trapped in that oubliette for 239 days! 

When I discovered what happened, I found him and the others and released him, along with every one of them! It was his picture that alerted me to what had happened...  it mysteriously ended up in the chest where the oubliettes were kept... this story will be in book IV... 

Manael is free from the oubliette and now, the bad ones cannot touch him. He was found and released from the oubliette... on his 15th birthday... and when he turns 16, he will have his own set of angels to command... 

The story of Manael and Nothing will be in their own chapter in a later book.

A conversation I had with Elebyeh about "Nothing"

Why does “it” not like to play jacks?

Nothing plays a bit too hard and hurts the stars when she grabs them.

Explain how that affects you guys please…

We are every spark of every star and all of every grain of sand and blade of grass. We are the air you breathe and the drops of rain falling from the sky… we are the energy behind everything made by God Almighty the Heavenly Father and Creator of Everything. Nothing was taken from the hair molecular properties of the angel made by the Archangel Michael of God Almighty Heavenly Father and Creator of Everything we call Manael just as we put him in the oubliette. Her strength comes from him… and she HURTS!

Thank you Elebyeh… I take it she has played with you as well?

I am the one that taught her the game… on your suggestion.

Thank you for clearing that up for me… I couldn’t figure out why Betelguise did not like playing with her… but he would kind of leave the room very quickly when I would suggest it to Nothing to play with him.

That would be why.

Thank you.

This one we need to do some talking about. we will tell his story when we are ready to share... but not today.

Big Zakaria

February 3, 2005

Zakaria is no longer a muse at the age of 16 but he was introduced in the first book when he was 12 with a note from his dad, Archangel Chamuel.

Zakaria is one of my kidnappers and loves kids. He helps me with the youngers  and is good at finding things... or guiding me to a particular object that needs to be found.

He is half Archangel but he does take after his mother, Chemial... She is a two sided Cherub. Her other side is a beautiful pink and golden dragon... and so is Zakaria... a beautiful Celtic dragon. 

The first time I met him was when he was playing the character... of Kedael "Angel in the Bottle"

He was sitting on the windowsill on top of the bottle and wearing a tunic and boots. His wings were folded behind him as he sat holding up his chin with his hands wanting so much to play with the children outside... 

This is so messed up... we found there is more to this angel than what we were told. we found his real father is very pissed at the ones that stole him and we are waiting for the verdict on weather they get to survive his wrath when they are done with the Father's decision of what He wants to do with them. We have been duped for so long and we finally got the truth of the matter when we found the father of Zakaria trapped in a rock with a spell and when we got him out of the rock, and w told him where we saw Zakaria and what had happened these past 5 years, damn... they took the wrong muse from the wrong angel and... oh shit! What the hell were you thinking Wallace!!! the left eye in the picture is wrong. Wallace had the assistant darken the eye so it would not be recognized or read but Zakaria is what is known as a finder and the reason he is so good at finding things is because of his special sight and the ONLY ANGELS WITH SPECIAL SIGHT IS WALLACE? 

Azrael's angels Sir...

You stole a muse from the Azrael!

Yes Sir... but we are trying to get him back but the warden keeps taking him Sir!

the warden took him again?

well he does the stealing when the warden wants the water to go to the waster so he steals the finder to waste the water for the plants to waste water and the water goes to the waster and the waster gets the 

enough! Waster gets the water from where?

From the water that comes from the plants that the water is all used up on. 

the hydroplants?


why does he need the finder for that?

we don't know he just takes Zakaria all the time.


Azri/Archangel...master craftsman

 8 years old and was made April 4, 2013...

His story will come later as it is a hard one to write... it hurts him to even think about what he has to do and what he was made for... 

Samael is paired with a Luviah which has to do with the psyche. I have not met his partner yet but we are still in therapy so I am sure we will meet soon...

Samael was with me for a long time helping me with my left hand and doing a lot of wood working skills... but he has since been taken away and moved elsewhere... 

Barachiele (3) muse of Ingenuity

April 7, 2018

Little Barachiele may be a 3 year old child muse but she helps me keep on top of the laundry and helps me get it done right and we sing while we work. She works with the pitches in the tinnitus to alert me when something is wrong. 

She has also moved on as I have not felt her presence in a while

When the work is done, we play and sing silly songs with 3 year old Little Zekaria and Little Zacharia.

I found this one has a much harder story to tell... she is not the one that helps with the laundry anymore... she is known as Simardija... muse to Gabriella. She has given me the worst nightmares at times... 

well this one is not 3 and she is not a muse. She was a witch given to Daloria when she was a baby and she is now about to become three hundred years old and she still looks like a child and she is more like the witch of the west from the wizard of oz. The nightmares she gives are ordered from the master of Suffering the Dick Head himself Reul of the darkness of the deep fardened teesers of the deep tartness of nightmares the damn Hellraiser seems to be nicer than she can see to the dreamsscaper and the dream scaper is the way she is to be the real nightmare giver an

Are you doing a spell again Francis!

well I was trying to but you stopped me again dammit!


aww come on! this would be the b

NO FRANCIS! Do I have to tell the Father on you again?

no... dammit... He hurts. 

No spells!

fine na!

where is Rophiel?

we sent him on 

do not lie to me

dammit! we pushed him out of the way again!

do I need to use the salt water?


then behave and let Rophiel do the editing please.

She is Elebyeh's daughter and is five and is not the witch of the Daloria but she does make Pinhead's nightmares look like a dream of a picnic on a beach and she is only five... we are worried what she will do when she has to do them as she gets older and is exposed to more stuff than what she has already seen from the sons of the dancers of the fairies here. we are only scratching the surface... Oye vey!

 Muse of "Incentive"...

May 12, 2018

 Mananael (3) gives incentive to do things. She is a Malak and does a lot with a "military" style. Since she has been with me, she helps me keep my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spotless... when she is not with me, I just can't seem to get motivated... not bad for a 3 year old child but that OCD is strong with this one... oye... She and her momma Mbnmava help me do a lot of the work and keeping the place tidy.

Mananael has been taken from me as well and moved to another 

this one does not exist. it is a plant that is actually what is called a wishnik that wears a mask and the Reul aka the dick head brings it with him to steal your wish so it will not come true.  it is not a muse at all.I found this is not the one that helped me clean or do exercises or took the pain from the three broken ribs on my left side away... that is my guardians that will be another page.

Muse of “Intuition and Integrity”

June 11, 2011

Rophial (10)… 

Rophial is one of my special muses. He is a Rafil/Razil muse and we met when he was 9... just last year though he has been with me much longer... 

He is used for many things... one of the things he does is tells me if something is "not quite right". Another thing is he helps me do "the right thing". 

He does love to cook and helps me come up with wonderful ideas... When he is with me, the food comes out perfect... every time.

 He communicates for his dad, Rophiel. They both let me know when I'm "in trouble" for eating the wrong thing... especially the chocolate pudding...

He is also one of my Bresail angels... the other side of his story is there...

Since this was written a lot has changed.  He and Quarenael are partnered and they are both merged together and with Echidna. He does inspire some ideas on the cooking but not like he used to. I have had to chase Echidna out of the kitchen as she takes up quite a bit of floor space being an Alaskan Shepherd but sometimes i would see the figure of a tall bluish young male figure next to me out of the corner of my eye but when I look there is only Echidna laying on the floor next to me. 

Muse of “Inspiration”

April, 3, 2010

Xedael (11)… 

Xedael is an 11 year old Xedil muse that helps me come up with a lot of the stories. One that we are working on is a sort of children's book called "Xedael's Magical Universes".

 There is a lot of imagination here and inspiration, especially in the woods across from my apartment. She comes up with some really good ideas... when she is not stopped by Gibriel or Gabriella taking over and pushing her aside. 

She disappeared for a while but has been found and is still recuperating from her ordeal with the oubliette scandals.

She is cousin to Xedeousrel, my first muse.

we just found Xedael recently and are back to story telling as we walk by the forest and to the pond and we get to talk with the trolls and goblins and tell them of our adventures. We hope to find more of the muses so we can go back to bedtime stories and coming up with fun things to write about.

Xedeousrel 4, My first muse

June 2, 2014

Sent to me on a yellow beam of light and helped me write the first few chapters of "Distractions 3312: Volume I"

He got me started... his story is in his very own chapter in the book... he came to me on his 4th birthday.

As of now he has been hidden by the bad ones in the forest and we must find him before his 8th birthday!!! The muses and fairies look for him in the forest everyday... 

We found him!!! and we finally got him back! he was found by the rock dancers in the forest and had to become a dancer in the forest so if someone came to the forest to find something they needed to find they had to deal with the dancing tumblers that danced the dancing tumblers as the rocks tumbled the treasures deeper and deeper to the gate keeper and the gate keepers 

Rophiel please?

thank you.

Yes we got him back after being lost for 4 years but the dancers were generous enough to let him go when his father called to him and we were able to get him back when we found where he was all this time we had been searching for him.