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My Protectors... My Angels

While fixing some of the pictures, I was given a memory of the angels I was given to "even the odds a bit" as I was told … 

they were given to me to "train and command" 

Then, a second set of angels that came to me were a bit more realistic than the first set…They were my "actual set".

There was a time with the first set during training, I showed them a clip of “Enter the Dragon”… the scene where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris have their battle…

They liked it so much they “brought Bruce Lee here” to train my first set of angels and to teach us about meditation, concentration and a way to find “Zen”… and especially… how to fight the “bad ones”.

He was only brought in for the first set… not the second set...


They didn’t really need him as they were the ones that I was meant to have. 

The first set was kind of a joke from the one pretending to be "the Father".

So, the Father, in retaliation, took those away and gave me these...

When they spoke (on rare occasions) they spoke with gentle but firm "matter of fact" and "to the point". 

They speak in an Aramaic accent and I loved hearing them talk…


Archangel Leader of all Angels  

With his kinda crooked smile and the way he would say “Yeah!” when I added the second scoop of powdered sugar to the whipped cream. 

He stands 6’5” and has light blond hair in a military cut, shaved on the sides and the top is braided into a neat mohawk to the back and the long ponytail flows down to the middle of his back. 

His eyes… wow… larger than the other angels but with an azure blue… and in the pupil of the iris eye… you could see the universe that goes on forever… his star eye… has five lines instead of four like the others. 

He is very outspoken and lets me know when I need to know something… the electronics would start blinking or flashing and his color… a very bright electric blue. And if that didn’t work, he would call my name. 

When he is there… you know it.


Archangel of Health and Well Being

Raphael would tell me about how my prayers were too long and I need to cut them down… “The Father is not going to sleep, He does not dream”.

And I would argue that “Metatron says He likes my prayers…”

And he would tell me “you are in trouble”…

And I would respond with “but it was just a taste”…

He would come back with “Don’t care… you were not supposed to have it”.

He stands at 6’4” with long straight hair as black as ebony with a very slight gentle wave that frames his face so perfectly. He has high cheekbones and dark piercing emerald green eyes that has a soul that is very hard to describe… a staff of some sort with a pair of wings forming at the top like in a cirrus cloud formation. Amazing…

He was the first angel that showed himself to me. I swear he looked like a rock star from the 80’s… a cross between Keanu Reeves’ face with Peter Criss’ hair style… wearing a dark green trimmed black leather coat and black leather pants that went to his hips with heeled black 3/4 boots and the light green glow surrounding him… wow.

He is here a lot and gets a work out because of the problematic ones… they don’t dare defy him. 

He always made me feel really short when he came to visit… especially as we stood up to go to the kitchen to cook… 


Archangel of light and Wisdom

 He always wore the aviator sunglasses and would help me see at night when I went for walks or had to drive, and he is the first one that told me about my “destiny”… 

He was also the first to talk to me…

Before I knew who the angels were… basically that’s about when I started studying “Angelology”.

When he helped me draw his portrait, he did take off the sunglasses… he has the light of the sun in his iris eye… his hair… a light reddish blonde perfectly fell to his shoulders with a widows peak perfectly centered. He glows with a fiery golden red aura around him and stands at 6’6” and can command the light of the sky like an orchestra… 

He has used the light reflecting from the moon with the angels blowing the clouds to light up even the darkest night sky and has helped me on quite a few occasions.


Archangel of Rightousness

Would yell “Righteousness!!” when I tasted the dessert that came out delicious… not as tall as Michael… only 6’2” … shortest of the Archangels. He has dark blonde shoulder length curly hair, emerald green eyes with the ten commandment tablets in his iris eye pupil… and four lines for his star eye that sparkle when he smiles.


Archangel of Beauty and Wisdom

I loved when he would help with writing then get me up… and start dancing. 

He would light up the room with a pale sun light yellow glow that surrounded him. I really loved to work with the music he picked and it made the work more fun… he would also get me to do my nails and my hair would come out just right… 

He stands at 6’6” with straight dark blonde hair … almost light brown… almond brown eyes with a big smile.

His favorite song for me… “Unwell” by Matchbox 20.

 He says it fits me to a tee….


Archangel of Finding Things

He would help me find what I was looking for when I needed to find it and he told me about my “destined”.

 He has reddish dark blonde hair with a very slight wave, just enough to keep it from getting in his eyes, which are light brown with a slight pink tinge. 

In his iris… is a heart shape… and he has a very gentle smile. He stands at a towering height of 6’8” and has a pale pinkish aura.

Azriel and Zadkiel

Archangels of the Twin Flame

They would help with getting Little Zacharia to bed and “Spirit Therapy”. They are always together. They are both 6’6” and even have matching hair styles shaved on opposite sides and kinda punked out… and Azriel has lavender with purple streaks while Zadkiel has purple with lavender streaks… and their eyes… very kind with a dark purple iris. Azriel has a soul in his iris eye that I cannot describe… but we both cried a bit as I drew it… 

He also has a very special star eye… the only Azri with a full tourmaline lens. 

The others only have partial. There are 10 lines in his star eye… twice as any as Michael’s. 

Zadkiel has hidden his eyes and won’t let me see them as of yet… he is quite shy but he does the talking as Azriel is very quiet and would rather not. 

They are always together and have a special kind of a starburst purple glow.


Archangel of Blessing and Prosperity

He usually kept quiet but that cold blast in the shower that time… OYE!!! 4 seconds!

His answer to that was “you needed to be baptized”.

He stands at 6’7” and has a very strong muscular build with light blue crystal eyes with a rose in the center of the iris. 

His hair is a soft dark brown that he wears at shoulder length. His aura… pastel rainbow in a starburst formation… 


Archangel of Presence and 

Celestial Scribe

He would help me get my paperwork done and he would make sure the others did the right thing… also was a good counselor with me. 

Sometimes I just needed to talk, and he would listen… and remind me about writing things down that were important… doctor visits and phone calls that needed to be made.

 He is the tallest of the angels… at 7’9” and is the only angel that may sit in the presence of God. He is a scribe and is always writing and recording everything we do. 

 He has a warm white glow that surrounds him.


Power Angel of Secrets

Though not as tall as the others at 5’11”, in the hierarchy of angels, he is a “power” but his rank is archangel.

 He would tell me things I needed to know when I needed to know them… 

the cat in the clouds the day before we got Simon… dang…the detail. 

 He has never shown me things the same way twice…

He has dark curly hair that goes over his shoulders in a “U” across the top of his shoulder blades and his back. 

His eyes are like a coal black… very hard to make out the iris but in the center is a secret only he knows… his aura has a vibrant rainbow surrounding him.


Seraphim Angel of Hope

I could never understand why He puts up with me so much… then I found out just who and what He really is…

 “The Third Breath of God Almighty… “Creator of Worlds” and He is the “Hope of God”. 

As a Seraphim, he is one of the closest and most powerful of God’s Angels…

He has a bright white glow with pure white wings and dark brown hair. They first told me my part of Him was my height of 5’2 ¾” and when I see my own face, it is His eyes that I see. 

He is always “in her place of being”… in other words… He is with me no matter where I go or what I do and never leaves... ever.

He is where most of my personality comes from and everything that I am… comes from Him. 

He gives me hope to keep going and doesn’t let me give up or quit. He is my strength as well as my sense of being. He also gives me His voice when I need it… 

And the singing! Wow! I can sing!

Jesus Christ

Our Lord and Savior

Jesus…yes, the one and only…

He would come and visit to check on things… only for a minute or two… but always smelled wonderful… 

My favorite smell… the waffles with maple syrup and mint tea…

 He brings a warm white light that fills the entire area, or even just a white flash would go from one object to another. 

Sometimes the jasmine smell would fill the room. And the roses smell while I was walking… how does He do that? 

They say “He is the only one that moves that fast” and “He is the only one that is fragrant”.

He has helped me so many times. He even taught me how to use my thoughts and telepathy to listen and communicate with the angels so I didn’t have to say things out loud or use a pendulum for the bad ones to take over. 

He once said to me “there are things nearby that listen but you don’t want them to hear… and you do not want their help”.

He is also a very good listener and would calm me down when no one else could… 

Sometimes when it just got to be too much... He would stay with me as long as I needed Him to.