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Spiritual Enlightenment

As a medium, I offer some Spiritual Services as well... I am NOT a psychic but I do speak with "entities" and could help with some of the issues you might need help with.

The future is not ours to see... but maybe we can come to some conclusions to issues of the present or answers of the past. Answers to a question or even help overcome an addiction... all sessions are private.

Evaluations are free of charge... the rest is up to you.

Send a question you may have and we could set up an appointment if necessary.


The price is here because it is required by the page... it is negotiable and not all services are chargeable... 

Consultation has no price nor does Spirituality. These are donations only if affordable but not required... 

I believe in God and he does not need your money... all He needs is for you to believe in Him...and have faith 

Spiritual Services

Evaluating the Situation

Where to start... ​do you have a question you need answers for...

Consultation... open for discussion.

Home cleansing

Cleansing... not cleaning... This is something I can talk you through or show you what to do. If you are local, I will come to you but you have to keep up with it.

Spirit Cleansing​

Is this a watcher (Iyrin) or demon issue... or something else? Sometimes just a special candle is needed or just let it be... 

Communication With Entities

I will teach you how to communicate with the entities you have to find their intention and help you overcome your fear.