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Simple Recipes

Things we can make easy and homemade... always tastes better...

With the "food law", I have to incorporate foods they like with foods they do not like.

Have you ever been forced to eat something you didn't like as a child? 

I always hated liver... even the smell of it cooking would cause me to leave the house because I couldn't stand it...

This is basically the same principle. The entities, when they behave they taste what they like... but when they are bad they taste what they don't like. There are many entities that like different things. Basically you can tell who your tormentors are by the foods you like and don't like. 

 You just need to keep a balance of the foods to keep them from attacking... 

Bread is easier than you think

Yes I do sometimes make my own bread​... 

for two loaves or a loaf with a few smaller ones

Flour... 5 to 6 cups (I use a mixture of whole wheat and white flour)

Yeast.... 1 packet (or equivilant to)

Milk .... 2 1/4 cups

Sugar... Raw  2 tbls

molasses... 1 tbls

butter... whipped 1 or 2 tablespoons

Himalayan pink salt... 3 twists

put 2 cups of flour in your mixer along with the yeast

In a medium pot, mix together the milk, sugars, salt and butter and bring to 130 degrees

slowly add mixture to the flour in the mixer bowl. Mixer on #2 for 1 minute then on #6 for three minutes

slowly add the remaining flour until it is workable with your hands... 

Knead the dough for about 5 minutes

let it rest while you set up a metal bowl with olive oil on the bottom

put the ball of bread dough in the bowl turning once to cover it so it doesn't stick. 

cover with a towel and let rise for about 30 minutes

(get your pans ready with just a bit of oil to keep it from sticking) 

punch down the center and knead dough for a second time

cut in half and place even amounts in the preset pans and cover

let rise for 1 hour 

then bake for 30 - 35 minutes in a 350 to 375 degree oven. 

when done, remove from pans and place in a basket with a clean towel to keep it warm... 

this particular picture i added thyme to the butter used ... yum

one of the things I do with the left over bread... bread pudding... amazing!

Chicken Stock

The best stock is one made at home...

It is easy to do, just a pain in the butt cleaning the meat from the chicken... but very worth the effort.

I do all kinds of things with chicken stock but I don't buy it premade... I make it from the bones of the roasted chicken.

Easiet way is to put the carcass with what meat is left and add water to your crock pot... and let it go. after a few hours, you can store it in containers for recipes later or use it to make a savory soup... 

The same with beef or even pork... the bones hide a very savory and rich flavor... just put them in a slow cooker or crock pot and remove the bones when it's done. Echidna loves the beef bones... Marrow bones are her favorite especially when she is teething... but don't give your dog pork or chicken... those splinter and are not good...  

things we can do with a kitchen aide...

Butter with Whey

February 17, 2021

butter made in a kitchen aide

Heavy cream 3 count (oz)

Pink Himalayan salt (3 twists)

plastic wrap... it will splash.

on highest setting

Whey can be used in a lot of recipes for a rich flavor and it is high in protein.

For Whipped butter, stop when it changes color but just before it separates

For Whipped cream... I make a butter cream with a 3 count of cream and 3 twist of salt, when it starts to thicken, add longer 3 count of cream and 2-3 scoops powdered sugar to taste... can also be used for many things including chocolate sauce or even ice cream

Powdered Sugar

February 17, 2021

if you have a coffee gringer... make your own powdered sugar... I use raw sugar for that rich flavor...


Home made with a mini chopper

February 17, 2021

So many things we can make instead of buying from the store...

With a mini chopper, I make my own "graham cracker crust" or I can make different types.

This one is using cereal. I usually like a bit of salty sweet so I use 1 saltine to 3 graham crackers with a little melted whipped butter... awesomeness...

Sugar Carrots

A favorite snack for the younger muses and some of the bad ones as well... they behave and actually do good deeds so they can taste them...  

Mbnmava gave me the recipe one night while I was writing and it was getting past time for the muses bedtime snack...

You can get some carrots from the fridge and make a great family meal with your kids today because they're really going to bed for a while and they didn't have any of the joy from the baby carrots.

It seems so damn cool to have your kids come and get some carrots from the fridge and make them sugar carrots.

So I went to the kitchen and took out my favorite cast iron frying pan, put the flame on medium low, 

added some homemade butter... about a 1/4 cup

 and a scoop of sugar... about 1/2 a cup

and of course "them baby carrots" 1 cup.

let it come to a boil and simmer until the sugar is melted and the carrots are tender... about 5 minutes.

 Even Mammon will do good deeds for those...


Caramel Sauce

Caramel is one of the easiest sauces to make and can be added to many recipes...

Homemade whipped butter

Heavy cream... (optional)

Raw sugar

Himalayan pink rock salt

Pure vanilla extract

cast iron frying pan

Home made whipped cream (if needed to soften)

I usually can "eyeball" the amounts but start with...

About three heaping tablespoons to a 1/4 cup butter

three scoops sugar (about a cup total)

three twists rock salt

in the frying pan on medium flame

add a little cream to make it creamy or don't if you want it to be hard

boil until all the sugar is melted... about five minutes

remove from heat BEFORE adding flavors

let cool to desired temperature before serving... about an hour 

I use it to make bread pudding and ice cream, lots of yums…