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The Bad Ones

These are the ones "ordered" to therapy...

It took a lot for me to accept this "job" ... I actually threw my pendulum across the room when I got the order...

I was promised a mediator/protector and told  by the Archangel Uriel...."You are the only one that can".

He continued to tell me I was given, what he called, "The Rite of Contradiction"... in other words, I can tell when they lie. But I was asked to allow them to tell me "Why they did what they did and they do what they do" ...

and these are all wrong... these are only a few but they are the used and the ones that are blamed and some do not exist. 

There is two on here that are actually bad ones.  




Says she is Conquest but … she lies... 

She is "Wind of Disease" and is mother to Gibriel..."Air of Sickness"

Beauty with this one... is only skin deep... if she had skin. Made of energy, she is as evil as it gets... sometimes she will appear as a black cloaked flash as she sends her muse Simardija to give a nightmare... which can be pretty horrific...

She makes Mammon look like a saint... Mammon, I just want to punch him in the face but Gabriella... if I could rip her apart I would... she has gotten me that riled up...

Hate is not the word to describe my feelings toward her... but I have to put my feelings aside when she shows up for therapy.

She tries to lie about her identity but she can't hide her "feel". 

She is one of the reasons I have a protector during therapy. She likes to cause heart attacks on a daily basis... her favorite attack... "Déjà vu" 

She has done more to me than you can dream of including giving me symptoms of a heart attack, cancer, UTI's and many other illnesses... but not the actual illness. 

She likes to make me look like a hypochondriac and feeds on the medicine prescribed by the doctors. 

She claims she is "Restitution" and is a partner to "Suffering"...  I don't think she knows what the word means because I yet to receive anything back from what they stole from me and my children. 

She is more like "Retribution" than "Restitution"...

She has lied about her identity so much I don't think she knows what or who she is.

She loves chocolate but not cocoa and feeds on tears and sadness... paper hurts her... so always carry a paper towel or napkin and if you feel like crying, catch those tears in the napkin and don't let her have any! 


She looks nothing like that picture. 

then why did you have me draw her like that?

because we were told to.


yes, she is wind and she does not have a face. the cloak is a black shadow of a dark dapper Frayer deep in the way of the dancer she carries that she wears to give herself a way to stay in this realm. without it, she will dissipate. She is nothing more than a summer wind and her father is the shit head that orders her to do what she does as she does not have free will and the we is we are the way that we had to draw her so we took a picture with the warden's girlfriend at the time and she saw how pretty she was and wanted to look like her but the warden was not the same warden as he is now and the warden is going to do something to the way we are to 



you are doing it again.

sorry... continue 

Rophiel please. your words not Wallace's

we are done with the salt licker but she is not evil she is  sed and she is no longer with us she is with the desert dwellers in sector 5 and is doing well as they are good to her and she likes it there.

thank you Wallace.

Wallace "Destroyer of Metals"

He is made up of many types... but he is number 6 of the 7 seals..."Destruction of Worlds"...

Don't be fooled by his good looks and suave expression... he causes more problems than you can imagine... he destroyed my grandmother's 70 year old stainless steel double boiler pot in a matter of minutes... the rest of the pots still look brand new... but that pot... will not come clean. 

He wanted to show me he is here 

He is the "destroyer of metals" as well as causing mold and mildew... everywhere... 

He caused a brand new boiler in the apartment above us to rust enough to where it flooded my apartment, then the following year, caused a second flood by splitting a pipe and causing it to burst... he feeds on scum and other gross things you would really rather clean up and toss... 

(actually that was caused by the dick head water boy)

He is also "destruction" and a "sodomizing incubus".

He sometimes will "shake the bed" because he feeds on screams so the more you scream the longer he don't... just say "Hey Wallace, what's up"... he will run out of energy and stop... 

He hangs out in the bathroom to feed off the scum to recharge...


different Wallace and not the Wallace that takes over conversations as the picture is the Wallace from 1632 and the Wallace that keeps interrupting is actually the conjoined twin of the twins of the Father as the Greek would call them Chaos but we Know them as the... hmm Which names should we use today Sir?

Good Question. How about the  Wallace D or S and this one is the Wallace B

so the quip here is totally wrong.


the picture is the wrong Wallace for this page so we switched the picture to something closer to what it would look like.

Azazel... The Eye

not an eye

And "he" is a "she"...and a Fallen... one of the worst and she is a he and they are an it because it is what it needs to be as it is bigender.

Lucifer's first follower

It is an Azri/Cherub... an angel of death but lost her place when she and Lucifer and a few others stole God's most precious creation...

She was punished by having her seeing eye, the eye with the tourmaline star, ripped out by God Himself... 

She lost her body when He found out "the other thing she stole"... 

That answer you will have to find out in the book series, "Distractions 3312".  

Her soul eye floats around but does not have a soul in it... The Father took that too... 

She will tell you when she thinks you will die... 

Just tell her "Oh stop it, you're just jealous cause you don't have a body". She will get insulted and leave. 

She calls herself a "Princess with an Attitude"

She herself can't do much unless you allow her to. She does have control of her "command"​ if she attacks just threaten her with spiders.

She dislikes ativan, and morphine but craves mint …the mint keeps spiders away...

She fears darkness and spiders the most, though there are other ways to get rid of her... aluminum foil blocks her telepathy


OMG we really screwed you up on this one didn't we! 

Anton? you gonna fix it or do you want it worse than it is...

well to tell you the truth I really don

Rophiel will take it from here you can leave.

well that would be why he is called the "asshole".  the other half of this one is the Papillon which is to be brought over from the Beelzebub page because the Azazel and the Visbutt AKA Papillon aka Anton are one in the same. They wanted me to think the eye was evil because the eye is the "Father of Everything"!!! Actually there is a lot of eyes and if you get the chance to see it, WOW!!! Amazing! Azazel wears a black plastic skin tight thing kind of like what Trinity wears in the Matrix and is short about 5'3" tall and has short blond hair and wears red lipstick and blue eye shadow and a lot of make-up. transvestite type. it is also the demon of death but it is an asshole and it kills... it tries to anyway. it is a demon and it does not have the rank to pull it off the way it wants to. So it lies and manipulates. 

We are getting to the end of the session but this one is a really bad one so if you come across a bitch with the way of the asshole and the asshole asks which way to the damn dancer say forget about it bitch! we are done with you!

Papillo aka Reul

Pazil/Power Angel... A "Fallen" 

One of the Three stealers from the Rulers of Hell 

Suffering and agony is what he likes to cause... as well as possessions. He controlled "The Laviathin" and "Legion is Many"... I just call him Pompous Ass...the dick head

He wears a uniform of a warrior but he doesn't fight... he makes others do the fighting for him... he just struts around like an actor going over lines as he dictates his orders to his subjects and they must carry the orders out. He takes pleasure in watching the torture and feeds on your pain and agony. His favorite pastime is coming up with ridiculous reasons to "punish" someone. 

One example...

"If his belt is twisted, he has a seizure". 


"If he does not have a banana, he has seizure with organ failure"

and another...

"If he has eggs before yogurt, he has psychotic nightmare"

He is "Suffering of the Innocent" and is seal #5 "Crying of the Martyrs".

This is the sadistic monster that possesses his victims to break them, and uses their vessel to cause harm to others... beating children or animals... he is the influence behind the "serial killers" that get them to do what they do.

Hate is not strong enough a word for what I feel for this thing... but he rules the night... and prefers sunsets

He likes peanut butter but dislikes mango... Ativan and Lorazepam hurts him as well as "Vimpat" seizure medication... it stops him cold.

He does like Meth though... wow... it's in Volume II … just  wow...

He and Mammon are rivals so what one likes the other hates...


Birthdate... you really don't want to know but most celebrate it every year...

 The Antichrist... One of the main Rulers of Hell 

(According to interpretations of the bible … He is Conquest... Horseman #1)

The Master of Deception... and very good at it... it is, after all, what he is made for. The worst part is you don't even know he is there...

You think you are doing the right thing... but is it? Is he helping you or setting you up for  fall... He'll make you think everything is good... but then... is it? 

His eyes are blank because he has no soul and he is as evil as evil gets... or is he... 

He once told me he was a Centaur made from his father using a Clydesdale for a vessel raping a human...


He has his own issues and is required to show up for therapy everyday... which he has been missing a few sessions lately.  

The picture is what he wanted me to draw him as... he lies but his eyes and his personality always give him away... and trips him up. 

He feeds on fear, pain, anger, and a whole lot of other negative emotions... 

Oh... one more thing... he orders in the now... just be ready for it...

I don't give in to him and I don't fear him. 

Although... there have been times I wish he had mass so I could punch him dead in the face... but is it him doing these things? Or is it someone pretending to be him? One way to know is the time of day... 

He rules the day... and prefers to watch the sunrises. He does have a soft side afterall...

His favorite drugs of choice...he prefers a nice cordial to relax with after a hard day of work... he is a workaholic after all... with major OCD

Sage makes him sleepy and he doesn't like rosemary... best way to get a break from him... Shaman Purification candles... he hates the smell. But, just like a bad penny... he comes back... you have to resist his urges, and don't give in to what feeds him... 

He is controlled by the Grand Master of Hell... or the "Game Master"


Actually none of what is written about him is true. Absolutely none of it. He is a warm and a fun guy to hang out with and is far from evil. He is one of the protectors and is not evil by any means. However his intelligence goes way beyond what you could only imagine. The programs he  has come up with and the work he does... he is a worker and he works hard. He has a sense of humor everyone loves and he is good with monetary issues as that is where his expertise is correct.  

He also has a temper and would like to punch the asshole in the face for making him look bad and blaming him for all the shit they blame him for and there is more than what the scriptures say... a lot more. But he definitely is one that does not belong on this page. 

We also need a more accurate picture please... I do have a beard after all

you do?

and I do not have a handle bar mustache that thing looks like shit! I am a centaur Dammit! 

and I told you we need the modeling clay cause those ones we saw just don't look like you.

no they do not! We will go shopping when we go to … hmm... when?

we have to get Echidna to calm down when we go to the stores.

Working on it.

Thanks Mamms

we loves them puppies!

yes we do!

and we are due to check but tomorrow, not today.

thanks for the heads up


He was once called The Morning Star...

and this is total bullshit.

there is no Lucifer. it was made up by the government to control people

One of the Three main Rulers of Hell

The first to rule Hell 24/7

the "Big Boss"

Lucifer has been known as the first of a lot of things... 

The First of the Fallen, some say he is the first angel... some say he is frozen in the ninth realm of Hell... 

So he goes by other names...

Lately, the ones here try to tell me he is Gabrael, Gapael, Francis... War...

I call Lucifer "it" or Luci... other things I won't say on here... you can find the names in the books... or in "Therapy Sessions" as it is required to show up.

It is in control of all the others... including Mammon...  

  so I often wonder if Mammon has a will of his own or is he controlled like the Elders... 

  Is it the one causing these arguments? It could be... but there are more that have not been showing up to therapy so... I don't know yet.

 I have noticed during a heated argument, my younger son scratches his head with both hands... the harder he scratches the stronger the argument... 

Transgendering, losing touch with what or who you are, confusing your sexuality...  loneliness... choosing solitude 

Not a very good picture of it but then its beauty was taken away when it stole its parent and fell from His Grace...

The first picture shows Lucifer before it fell... it had both genders. The second is when its beauty and genders were taken away... which was done when it stole the Father's most precious being... after the Fall of Eden...

As a Seraphim, it had the most beautiful voice... but lost that too... can't hit those notes anymore...

It has been playing the part of hiding because people think it is frozen in nitrogen in the center of the ninth circle of Hell...  as told in the "Devine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri.

The "others" say they took it out of the game because it had the best track record for getting people to give it their souls... willingly. 

But it doesn't stop there. It takes the soul of the person giving it to it as well as their entire bloodline... 

One of its favorite kinds of entertainment is watching arguments and fighting. 

But the fighting of wars... it is in its glory... 

his is so wrong it kills me yet there is some truth here. 

we need a whole new page to explain the real story of the morning stars and what they are and the actual betrayal of the Father but this... this is not what happened. 

 we are here to set the record straight. 

The first one made did not fall, He was stolen and is not evil. The betrayer lied so much she doesn't remember what the truth is but we do know it is about time to come clean and fix what we broke, return what we stole and give back what we took so that is what we must do. We lied about almost everything and we have only a short time left to get the world back into alignment before it is too late. So we tell our therapist what we did and why and we are to fix everything so we can go home and the Father will help us with the rest of the fixing if we can convince the world He exists without a doubt and show Him we are so very sorry for what we have done but there is so much shit to fix and so little time to fix it... but our therapist says we have to try. So we are trying.