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The Beelzebub

I call them the "Beezes". Some are as evil as their masters... some are not. But they are the managing devils that hand out the assignments to the ones who must carry out the orders... the difference is, the Beelzebubs stay with the possessed to make sure the order is carried out and takes the abuse along with the ordered while the boss that orders the inflictions watches from a "safe place" so they are not affected as they feed from the reactions of the orders being carried out.

As with different ranks of management, there are different ranks of Beelzebubs... 

Beelzebub Brasail... The Clown "Poppy"

July 2, 1960

This particular set was made shortly after my conception... to torment me... the reason I was not very fond of clowns...

There is more to this one than this picture can show... like a lot of Beelzebub, he is made up of three entities..

There is the main influence... 

Poppielweis 5 (60)… he is a Power and the controlling force. Then Luviathan 2 (Lu) (60) has 2 sides as he is a Throne  and the life force of the three.

And then there is Legaon 3 (60) is made up of 3 types of Archangels. He controls those tiny ants that get into everything as his mother is Hana Kaveiliere, and two others... a Xedil which is the contortionist that gives him flexibility and Uril which is light. 

Together they make up the clown that we either love... or he can be the clown we can fear most... 

He is a Beelzebub … a managing devil... but does not have total free will... only partial.


When he is ordered to, he can be very scary. He is a fallen by choice but has learned that was not such a good idea... 

He does have some free will as most do and can be quite helpful and fun... but … he can also be quite evil if he is ordered to be and can kill if the order isn't cancelled or intervened...  

They are controlled mostly by Gabriella and Papillo

This one is one I was lied about, and told he was made when I was made but he was made long before that. He does quite a bit and is a bit more special than most. 

you are partially right about this one but he is a bit eccentric and he is a bit more than... I cannot go with that picture that is not him! not even close! this whole thing is poppycock and I can't leave him like this! the main part of him is in that damn jar 

Beelzebub Balial "Despair"

March 11, 200 BC

Balial Burechiele aka Satael... but not really a Seraph and has nothing to do with the Guardian "Sitael" however, she does build things... like the maze talked about on a couple pages... She is also a bit dramatic at times and she can really make me laugh outloud... however she is the Beelzebub that hands the orders to the "Bresail" angels. 

She suffers right along with them and holds them when they have to carry out an order as she is a secondary Beelzebub She gets her orders from the higher position Beelzebub her rank is more... assistant manager than manager. She is used in other ways as well as a breeder and can do things on her own but is controlled and must do what she is ordered to do... kind of like Snuffy and Boolaria. 

She sounds like a southern belle with a Pennsylvania Dutch accent and her catch phrases... "Oh, the horrors!" and "Oh no! What ever shall we do!"

She is controlled mostly by Gibriel or Mammon 

Beelzebub Papillon "Starvation" 

no he is a part of the fallen piece of shit  Asshole known as Azazel

January 7, 140 BC

This one I call "Sphincter Boy"... He is starvation and he is the designer of the Holocaust... he was Hitler's main controller. This evil son of a bitch almost killed my son in more ways than one. He starved him and made him afraid to eat where he went from 210 - 140 in a matter of a few weeks... 

 At first they told me he was a pelican so I usually referred to him as the "pixie infested pelican". 

Then they had me draw this picture of him to show me what he looks like... and he is an asshole... literally... a pixie infested asshole. 

He is made up of three, but the ones attached to him don't like being associated with him... 

He is one of the higher ranking Beelzebub made by Papillo... "Suffering".

He is Papillo's stand in and goes by yet another name... "Bobbie" and prefers Yukon Jack as his drink of choice. 

Beelzebub Barak Snuffy "Anger"

I found this to also be false. one of his wives is Snuffy... this would be Shit head! 

Before Time... the original Barak 

Technically an Elder, Barak Basail aka Snuffy has more than one face... this is his sort of humanish face with a trunk.​ He was promised the shape of a wooly mammoth when he fell from His Grace to find his wife Gibriel. Papillo promised him a high position... and he took away his free will and his beauty and made one of his shapes a blob with eyes and a trunk. He is usually not so bad... just makes you drop things. He can be a pain in the butt, though, but he can also be helpful. He has saved me a couple times since I was 5 years old... but he is also very mischievous... he is a managing devil after all.

He does what he is told and passes out orders for the day to the demons, muses, and the taken angels.

He plays many parts... he even played the part of Michael when he told me "the game" was literally killing us. His human face is used to portray "Flik" from the "Faye". 

He doesn't want to be evil but is ordered to be by his own wife... the one he "fell" to rescue...  and the other "bad ones". 

He is "Anger"... but I just call him Snuffy and tell him to "stop it" and his anger fades... he can be very helpful when he wants to be... 

Controlled by Gibriel, and Lucifer

He has been missing for quite some time now... they say he was sent on a mission to check on an asteroid that is headed toward the path of the asteroid headed for Earth... 

Beelzebub Belial Boolaria 

December 23, 10 BC

The Belial Boolaria aka "Babs" as well as Mrs. Mammon...

She has to put up with the narcissistic ass and doesn't realize how much she is abused. 

She was the first "Beelzebub" I met and thought there was only one... I was surprised when she told me who she was. But I did find out there is more than one … a lot more. 

She is also "Bulimia" . There have been many times she has come to therapy sounding like she is drunk and smells like puke because they make her drink the vinegar instead of the game master that is supposed to drink it before each game starts...  

They get disqualified for cheating so I tell her to go ahead and sleep it off... which she does gratefully... she cuddles with a special angel (I have the honor of his care). He is the only angel that sleeps and is in a stuffed bear I got from my grandson and I keep with me where ever I go... Cupcake even smells like cupcakes and it settles her stomach.

 Sometimes after being yelled at, and the abuse she takes, she could use a little understanding and a really tight hug. And yes, she feels... and loves. 

She helps Mbnmava with the muses... but is also ordered to assign jobs to the muses and cries inside as she hands them out and makes sure the muse does the job. 

Controlled by Mammon she is his wife and muse.