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The Bresail  and Beresrail Muses

These angels are used on a daily basis... constantly

they endure what they inflict and pray to be stopped...

These muses were made using a very special entity besides their parents... Shim is a "shift changer", and can be any required angel needed for the job... Shim is also bi-gender... a "hermaphrodite" and is used over and over again by the bad ones... Shim does NOT have free will and must do what is ordered... just like all the elders that were "Taken"... Shim and the elders were stolen and stripped of their free will... 

Bresail are the most used, and for many things… the bad ones, use them for torment. 

These angels try to fix what the bad ones force them to do… 

but sometimes there is just too much damage and they can't

And yes... they can kill... and pray for you to stop them before they do...

these are the Bresail Angels... the Beresrail Angels will be introduced soon...

Bresail Four -Quarenael (11)

Quaril Quarenael - parents Shim/Rophiel 


As a Cherub, she has more than one shape... one is a wolf with golden yellow eyes...

As an Archangel... she has endurance... 

Her specialty… seizures… with the SUDEP factor… she cries from the pain it inflicts and the damage she must do to the person she must inflict... but it is what she is made for.

Quarenael is a Quaril/Rafil Cherub... Quaril is the female version of Rafil … and the elder "Quareniel" was used to make her. She was stationed at my right hip, where the cyst is, to keep it from causing a problem and keep it from growing. 

But when Rophial came of age, they were placed together and put with Echidna. 

She is partnered with Rophial and helps with cooking... but when the “others” take her and use her for other things, I cannot stand straight up. I have to stop and rest and call her back to me... she usually comes back exhausted, crying and shaking from what she was ordered to do from the bad ones.

For the most part she is very quiet but when she is with Echidna, her golden eyes are the prettiest I have ever seen…her other form is that of a wolf... she is half Cherub. But her father is Archangel... so she can last a long time... (her record for the longest seizure is 46 minutes... her father does myoclonic seizures … his record is over 9 hours. The victim feels the seizure as well... so does he).

As with Quarael and Baraachiel… if Quarenael is missing… so is Rophial.

Bresail Three - Rophial (10)

Razil/Rafil Rophial... parents Shim/Rophiel

Rophial is one of my special muses. He is a Rafil/Razil muse and we met when he was 9... just last year. Rafil is health, Razil is secrets.

He is used for many things... one of the things the bad ones do is send him to "listen in" on my prayers and conversations.

He was stationed on my right shoulder blade but also kept my teeth from hurting. When he is not with me the pain is unbearable… 

His mother is part Razil/Cherub which is "secrets" and he has been moved to Echidna as his other form. He transforms to a wolf with golden yellow eyes and is now stationed with Echidna and is partnered with Quarenael. 

They are Echidna's main "controllers" but they are also controlled and must do what they are told. 

They are both used in many ways... 

He does love to cook and helps me come up with wonderful ideas. When he is with me, the food comes out perfect... every time.

He communicates for his father, Rophiel. They both let me know when I'm in trouble for eating the wrong thing... especially the chocolate pudding... or I eat too much of the cakes…

Unfortunately his specialty is heart attacks and he is ordered by the bad ones to do them... he feels every bit of the pain.

Bresail Two - Baraachiel (11) 

Seraphim/Azri Baraachiel - parents Shim/Azrael

He goes by the name Baraachiel and his specialty… Spirit writing and talking through the vessel he possesses.

As a Seraphim, he helps with musical talents and perfect pitch...

He is also an Azri…there is a reason his star eye has more lines than his partner… he can see the soul of the vessel and if ordered he can control it. Since he is not full Azri, he cannot remove it like the Archangel Azriel. His eye is not full tourmaline like Azriel's is... only partial. 

Only the Archangel Azriel has that gift, all other Azri have partial... 

 Baraachiel is supposed to be one of my muses that helped me hold my head up by taking the place of disk C-3. But because of what he can do, they use him on a constant basis. He works with the different tones in the tinnitus and helps me keep on key when I sing... as for his victim... he really hates what he is ordered to do by the bad ones... otherwise he is very helpful.

One trick he likes to do is make Simon meow backwards... it's really cute and more of his playful side... 

They use him a lot to make his victim look "crazy"... he can make you talk backwards, he also "speaks" through the victim for the one who orders him to... and a whole lot more.

He can help Jake with song and tones... but when ordered the tones can cause him anguish.

 He is ordered to do this constantly... and when I order him to stop he is ordered by the bad ones to continue... if he stops too long the bad ones punish him... horribly. He also causes his victim to be afraid... of everything causing anxiety.

Baraachiel is partnered with Quarael. Together they are ordered to cause a lot of horrible things. When Quarael is ordered to do what he does, Baraachiel feels it too... 

Bresail One - Quarael (11)

Legion Quarael - Parents  Legaon 3/Shim 

Quarael is special indeed... he is what is known as a "Legion" … made up of more than one archangel... his father is "Legaon of 3" one of my projectionists that shows me pictures and memories I need to see...

 Quarael is  Hanil, Rafil, Iophil, Makil, Gabril and yes he has to use all five specialties. He controls ladybugs, causes grand mal seizures, helps guide my hands for Jake's hair, (buzz fade), finances and sleep, and "helps Jake do the right thing"... most of his chores. 

 Unfortunately what he was made for... his specialty... is Grand Mal Seizures. He feels every bit of the pain he must inflict but he does not have free will to choose not to do it. When he is ordered to do something, he has to. He doesn’t like it as it is very painful.

He is not the only one that does this but when I say his name and tell him to stop, he does… and thanks me for stopping him.