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The Elders

This is a list of  a few Elders and how they work with me on a daily basis. 

Some of these Elders were made before the beginning of time and there are many.

They are used by the "Bad Ones" for a lot of horrible things.

As with all Taken Elders, they do not have free will and must do as they are ordered. 

They cannot do anything on their own because of the simple fact angels are stronger than devils and could take them out… 

so the bad ones strip them of all will to keep them at bay.

They're free will was taken from them so they cannot refuse and must do as ordered to the best of their ability..

They are used horribly and feel every bit of what they are forced to inflict. 

They pray for the order to stop them from what they must do...

more to come​


Elabyeh "Born of the Sun"

He is an Archangel... the first Archangel 

He is Darkness... He is one of the original Angels that "Fell". 

He was promised a lot … but instead they took his free will and use him in many horrible ways.  (His wife, Cepiel, is Night... she is a stolen... and the reason he fell.)

He himself is not evil and was sickened by the others betrayal to the Father...  he is a "parent" to the "Archangel of Light and Wisdom"... Uriel. 

(Uriel, as well as the other archangels, were made long before the Garden of Eden. The Fall of the other "72 Angels" was at the same time as the Fall of Eden)



Before Time

 "Angel of Necessity" and is a "Throne" one of the first.

He helps me with cutting up vegetables and meats... as he controls my left hand and arm... 

He is an elder that was promised freedom and instead he lost ALL freedom when they took his free will and forced him to cause harm to the vessel he had to control. they also use him as a breeder like the others. It is one of the most hated acts they force upon these angels... 

he prefers wood working and putting things together... and is very precise as OCD is strong with this one... 

He is "Necessity" and guides us to what we need to survive. 


Before Time

Quareniel (Quaril Cherub) is an Elder "taken" and used for many things and cries when she has to do what she does...

She was made to help with disease control and over population. Where her opposite, Archangel Raphael, is Health and Well Being, she is Sickness and Hardship. She was made to punish the wicked but is used by the “bad ones” on the innocent on a regular basis. She feels the pain and anguish she must inflict unless the person being inflicted is deserving of the punishment. The evil ones stole her because of what she is made for. They took her free will and keep her prisoner until they need her to do the things they force her to do. 


April 22, 1960

Ariel (Aril Angel)  does quite a bit with me... she helps me with my plants, both Simon and Echidna and alerts me if I need to do something for them. She also helps me with storing food and portions... and she keeps the pain in my right arm and hand from flaring up.  She is not technically an elder but is used as one. The Elder is her Father... The Guardian Ariel...  a Virtue Angel.

She helps him with his many tasks and is keeper of the "sprites". She helped me with drawing the one on the "Magic of the Woods" page to show me what they look like. 

Lady Xedael

Before Time

Lady Xedael (Iafil Cherub) is just that... a lady with poise and structure. She was a big influence on how I walked, talked and how I looked... She has been hidden for a while and I have been trying to find her and bring her back. 

Sir Xedael – Is an Archangel/Xedil elder taken from God and used by the bad ones for many things especially for making Legion archangels. He gives them their flexibility for contortions. He was used to make the one and only Legion is Many, and many others. He also controls memory. I don't have a drawing of him... yet.


Before Time

Mbnmava (Milak Cherub) is one of the first elders I was able to talk with and found she is far from "evil". However she is used for evil purposes and is quite good at what she does. 

She is very easy going and helps me fall asleep at night. She is the entity that inspired the sugar carrots and a few other ideas. She is stationed on my right side and keeps my lungs and ribs from hurting from emphysema flare ups... and a few other things. 

However, when she is ordered to, she can really screw up my bank account and has done so in the past. She has also been ordered to cause pain where I have a bit of COPD... it friggin hurts!!! But I tell her to stop and she does... there is a bit more to it but that is basically what I have to do.

Mbnmava is the first one I found that is not actually a "Fallen"... but a "Taken". 

The Taken Ones do not have free will at all. 

She is also kind of like the "Mom" to all muses (as well as the mother to Mammon... that is a story that will be in one of the books in the series.)