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Therapy Sessions

These sessions are required. hey are supposed to tell the truth... but there are so many contradictions... Oye!

Rules of Therapy…


#2. If you are not on the roster, you are not included in the conversation.

#3. Truth only. Lies are a waste of time and ends the session.

#4. Stick to the subject we are discussing.

#5. Watch the time… wasting it is not tolerated.

Poor Reginald... 

 November 20, 2021

Saturday​ 1:45 AM

Is Reginald here again? The filter stinks.


No smoking!

But the boys do

They are doing their treatment in their room on the other side of the apartment. NO SMOKING IN MY ROOM Reginald!


It is very late, no therapy tonight. Come back tomorrow and NO SMOKING!

But it’s urgent

Are the muses lost in the maze again?

No, it is the demons… they are trapped in the pond at the gazebo.

How are they trapped?

The pond is freezing up.

Get them to go toward the fountains where the ice isn’t formed yet and get them out of there!!!

We didn’t think of that…

Hurry… before it gets worse! Holy crap!

Time out 1:52 AM

~ ~ ~

9:52 AM

Smells like cigarette farts in here… (Reginald must be back)

What is it now Reginald?

Sorry, the smell is from the pond…

You are energy Reginald… how come you smell so bad?

I died in a car crash.

So you are spirit… not angel or demon?


Were you smoking in the vehicle?

Yes, the truck caught on fire when it collided with the tree.

Oh… so sorry… it must have been awful…

I was killed instantly but watched the truck blow up when the cigarette flew out and hit the puddle of gas.

A tanker?


Dang… so how did you end up here?

I was mistaken for a suicide but that was not the case… so I am stuck here until my story is heard.

Why here?

I don’t know…

(“This is where the plot thickens…” someone with Reginald mentions this statement)

Who said that?

I am Azrael from India… we have been trying to get his story told so he can ascend.

Well can you please get the smell away? It is hard to type when I have to hold my nose.


Thank you… so what happened, Reginald?

I was driving along when the cigarette fell from where I had it in my mouth… I usually held it in place with my teeth but a bug flew in my face and as I swatted at the bug, the cigarette fell between my feet on the floor under the clutch. When I reached to get it the wheel turned and I … I saw the truck explode from above it…

Wow… a bug huh… technically… you were killed by a bug…

It was a big bug… but I saw the cigarette fall out and…

Into the puddle of gas on the ground?

Which ignited and blew up the tanker… I was on my way to a delivery… it was full!

How was that a suicide?

They thought I did it on purpose. They didn’t know about the bug. It was long gone by the time the police and the fire trucks arrived…

Reginald, that should have been listed as accidental… when technically a Kadal was sent to distract you and start the chain of events that caused your accident.

A Kadal?

Was your window open?

A little

How do you suppose a bug would fly in at that moment in time through a little opening in the window?

They do that sometimes.

With the window open a little, being a moving target for a bug that could have found a much larger target to get into… what time of year was this?


A bug… in the winter? Bugs are dormant in the winter…

Huh. I didn’t think of that…

It was most certainly a Kadal sent to distract you… it was either your time or someone jumped the gun in the “Game of Reginald” and cheated.

What? a game?!

Ask Azrael about it… you were stolen before your time. How old were you?


24? Why do I picture you as an old guy

No El, he is 23… you missed the key.

23 huh… the “23 club”? Did you sign a contract you didn’t get to read? Or did your blood get on something someone had you look at before reading it?

A guy from the archive from the dealership where I got my car… my hand hit a sharp edge on the clipboard when I went to read it… a little blood from the scratch but not much… what is the “23 club”?

When were you living? What year was this?


Uh-huh… the 23 club was established in the late 60’s early 70’s. Famous people at the height of their career died at the age of 23.


So you were tricked.


Yeah… you signed a contract you didn’t know you signed.

But I didn’t…

Not with your signature… it used your blood from the scratch on your hand. It tricked you.

Oh my Goodness… you did it El! We got IT! IT HAS TRICKED SO MANY IN THAT WAY!


El, you figured out how it was getting the blood contracts!

What are you talking about? Didn’t you guys see Marvel comics “Ghost Rider” with Nicholas Cage?

No… you didn’t play it for us.

It is in the beginning of the movie…


So, how many others need to be released from the second realm because it cheated and has them listed as a suicide?

Too many to count…

I guess you better get started… you have a lot of souls to go through and release.

Yup … on it!

Later guy​s… good luck Reginald.

Time out 11:46 AM

What To Do When a Three Headed Dog Has No Affect

September 12, 2021

Sunday, 2:59 PM

Hmm… how do I get the male iyrin out of my bathroom… it is very … unnerving… I mean, it’s bad enough being watched 24/7… constantly watching your every move… and I mean EVERY move… but damn… there are enough female ones, why not just have those in my bathroom? I keep telling them this is the “ladies room”… but they won’t leave… they just change their expression and keep friggin watching… ugh…

You can’t Moms… they are there to call when Sitael is alone during the change of the guardians and Rophiel is busy “pleasing” the woman Gabriella.

What do you mean “pleasing”? I thought he dislikes her immensely…

He does, but she orders him to do unmentionable things.

Still? Isn’t he free of her yet?

We are to a certain extent… she knows our names.

Why haven’t you guys used the amnesia spell on her yet?

We weren’t ordered to.

I have ordered it so many times I lost count.

But Moms… we don’t remem

Gabriella… you are supposed to be in your chamber with a giant spider on your door… what the hell are you doing?

Punkin!!! On Duo!!!

Hmm.. and my sister called?

Now, Gabriella… back to our conversation…


Wow what?



A spider El?

How many times have you guys sent spiders after me?


54,889… that’s a lot of spiders… and how many were an actual threat to my “safety”?


9,890… are you rounding to the nearest 10?

Not really, that is the actual number

Hmm… and since we have been here?


Only 908?

Yes but they were small ones.

Black house spiders were small… but the brown recluse… and the hobo spider? And that one black house spider that Mmueteagal shooed away? Those were not small spiders… and that first one in my medicine cabinet?

Oh yeah… forgot about those…

And the one that bit me … in my bed?

Yes, but he was hungry.

Yes, I remember you guys told me he was sent to the Amazon as a banana spider after that…

That’s right! I remember now!

And you are complaining about one spider? She is not even venomous…

Yea but she’s a really big spider!

Welcome to Hell… and how do you think those muses felt when you had me catching spiders to put in the oubliettes telling me is was a devil I was putting that spider in with… and IT WAS MY MUSES!!!

Well damn, El

So be nice to her, and the smaller I get, the smaller she gets. 

But as long as she keeps eating the foods she eats you won’t get smaller, you will get bigger!

And so does Gorgonolis… as I get bigger, she gets bigger.

She is already huge!

Take the spell off of me or she will get bigger… and so will her children…

Her children?

Yes… you really don’t want to know where they are…


Umm… hmm… is umm… is Luviathin busy?

No why?

Lu… can you and Legaon do the honors?

Yea sure… our pleasure!

Thank you…

(I asked them to put Gabriella to sleep and bring her back to her chambers)

~ ~ ~

October 16, 2021

Everybody left huh…




Is Orion still here?

She left when she was called by a muse to help Ryan with the oil spill. She got him to notice the leak. She left with him.

So Gabriella has you pretending to be the Father huh...?

Yeah… it was scary… I prefer to hide when I have to pretend to be Him. Sitael scares me. He really does not like it when we have to imitate the Father.

Then why do you?

She ordered it.

Who canceled the order?


Did you thank him?

Yes I did.

So, is the message sent?

Yes, Sitael is sending it himself.

She is really huge huh?

You have no idea… I am glad she is not venomous and is a friendly spider. One of her legs could crush a Winnebago!

Wow! that’s a really big spider!

Yeah… good night El.

Good night Lu. You gonna let me sleep tonight?

We shall see.

Cancel their orders please…

Thank you!!! I was hoping you would!

Gabriella already ordered another nightmare? 

Yeah... remember the movie "The Great Spider Invasion" from the drive-in when you were in high school and you broke your boyfriends dashboard trying to get away from the spider?


Yeah, that's the one...Gorgonolis was only a teenager then.

Thanks for the heads up... cancel the nightmare order... Please tell Simardija sweet dreams only...

Will do

Thanks again! Good night guys!

Soul Stealing is Forbidden

3/4/21 6:16PM

Please give me your soul.

Did you get a hold of some drugs or something?

Yes I did as a matter of fact... how did you know?

Because you know I would NEVER agree to what you are saying. You must be stoned out of your gourd.


You are also too mellow to not be on drugs.

Dammit! You know me too damn well!

It is also... common sense

What is?

You must be stoned or drunk to tell me to do that. Now give it back. Soul stealing is against the rules and you forfeit the game when you steal from God the Father.

How did I steal from the Father?

My soul belongs to God The Father; promised it a long time ago.


So give it back and sit the rest of this game out... and sober up.

Yup... dammit.

Beat him again El, he left... with his tail between his legs.

He has legs?

And a tail... goat legs and a red long tail with an arrow on the end. Kind of like the movie "Legend" with Tim Curry as "Darkness" except the legs... goat legs.

So he is the Monkey Goat?! LMAO!!! Who's the torso?

He is not the torso you envision him as... that is a picture we put in your head and we are ordered to keep the monkey goat image as Elebbyeh, but Elebbyeh is not the monkey goat, he is the one with the pink colors, and the black eyes are not Brasail, they are Mammon.

Are you bullshitting me again to waste time?

Not this time.

So I can draw a lie.

If you believe it.


We pretend to believe it so you believe it.

How do I know you are not lying now?

Because we don't have to lie when he is not here... which is why you can hear my thoughts and don't need the keys to talk with me.

I hear you...why?

Because he is not here to block you or to shut me up or dictate my words... these are my words…


He's back? Is that why you stopped talking?


Thanks Lu

Soul Stealing is Forbidden Part two...

I was urged to draw a picture...

3/4/21 7:20 PM

Who is that?

Barachiel the Archangel of Blessings

Why is his iris eye blank?

Because he is the one that has your soul and his soul is not his soul but I can't tell you who has it you have to guess.




How did you guess that?

He is the keeper of souls... duh

Dammit! Why do you always beat me?!!!

Because you are not going to get me to give up my soul to you. No Mammon. Not today. Not ever... You don't seem to get it. I BELONG TO GOD ALMIGHTY THE FATHER AND CREATOR OF EVERYTHING! THAT'S IT! END OF DISCUSSION! GIVE BARACHIEL HIS SOUL BACK AND STOP THE BULLSHIT MAMMON!

Wow, you are stubborn aren't you...

Call it what you want but stealing is grounds for cheating which means you lose again. Cheaters ALWAYS lose.

But I don't have it.

You gave it to Uriel now get it back. You had no business taking it in the first place.


And while you're at it get Jake and Ryan's back too.

Please understand you are not getting them back until I get your soul.

Bullshit. You promise and don't deliver. You will NEVER get mine

E V E R! You stole theirs and stealing is forbidden. You have no choice but to give them back

Dammit! You bitch!

You are so limited

It's because of your personality dammit

How is that?

Sitael doesn't curse so I can't really say what I would like to

What does that have to do with anything?

He is our main influence

He is mine but how is he yours?

Capital "He" Ellen, He is part of God.

How is He your influence?

Because He is yours.


I can't beat Him.


He holds me back.

Uh huh...

No really, He holds me back... literally


He really is really, really, really huge...

So don't go against Him and give back mine, Barachiel's, Jake and Ryan's souls... before you really, really, really get hurt.


Stop dancing and get them back.

But it's a really good song... I love Toto and "Hold the Line" is a classic!

So how long has he been gone?

He left when he had to admit he can't beat Sitael.

You're too much Lu

I know but you love me anyway

Yeah my friend... I do... as a friend that has to deal with a lot but still comes through when needed. The truth does come out

Yea I know, my personality always comes through

So am I in trouble?

Big time... but you are right, starving him isn't working. But you are never going to lose that belly if you keep cheating on your diet. No sweets!

Yes today I went a little over board but that's what happens when I get depressed... you know this.

But the muses were with you for the most part.

I know I got some of my work done... and did some dishes... but they were not with me very long.

Dang, how did you know that?

The feeling I get when they are with me is indescribable... but I love "pushing sharks" with Zacharia

He loves those slippers

Me too....

The Maze of Hell

1:10 AM

WTF Dude? You tell me to go to sleep and what happens? First I start to dose off and you have Urial start the music playing, neat trick by the way, then I start to dose off again and all of a sudden my leg starts cramping up and to top it off, my teeth hurt. WTH?

Sorry El, but Elebbyeh is being obstinate. He wants to talk.

Where was he when we had therapy? Only Papillo showed up.

He was tied up in Hell leading the demons to the maze to check it out when you took Echidna for her walk and missed it.

Well he is going to have to wait until morning session then because I was sleeping and I don’t like being bullied; so tell him to stop attacking or I will have to resort to the Kidnappers.

But it’s important.

Then stop being a bully.

Ok, but he really needs to talk.

Then stop attacking me and talk.

He says the demons got lost in the maze and can’t get out.

I really like this song… what is the name of it…

Linkin Park “Waiting for the End”

Is it the one Satael made?


Is that the right name for her this time?


Did you ask her to help find them?

No… didn’t think of that…

She built it so she should know how to solve it.

Ok, I will ask her.

She also goes by the name “Burechiele” right?


Check the comfy chair… she recharges there.

Ok. Good night.

Good night... btw…how is Echidna’s tooth?

Almost out.

Another day?

Yeah. She needs ice to chew on.

Anything else?

Diarrhea should clear up soon. One more day of rice should do it.

I gave you until tomorrow morning, you are lucky it is a holiday and the vet is closed. She still had runny poop at the park.

I know, she ate the cat food which restarted the clock, we told you through Ryan.

He did say that.

Rophiel is strong with him.

Why is that?

Both boys are influential with us. Now about the maze…

Ok, ask Big Zakaria to help you and Satael find the demons that got lost in the maze. He is good at finding things that are lost. Just ask him if he would help. Since Satael built it, she should be able to help solve it… you are lucky the changing mechanics aren’t working yet.

Hmm… didn’t think of that…

Supreme beings huh… why do I have to think of these things?

Because we are not allowed to. We can only influence.

Well, let me know how it works out please.

Ok, we will try that.



Time out, 1:46 AM

I had to Ask... Oye

While working on book two, I was getting a little discouraged so Lu tried to help a little bit...I did print out a couple of the chapters to compare but not much else. So much work to do but not enough ? to do it… the incentive… all this work for 13.00? in 3 years?

You know you got more than that.

How much Lu? In the 3 years of working on this book… how much did I make on it?... after not making the money back that I invested on the publishing and promoting and all the other expenses for this book? Not to mention the amount of time I spent on it, the pain and suffering we went through, the hospital expenses, the trips to the hospitals… my entire life! How much did I make?

Well you have a point there, but we did say be patient.

You know what comes to mind Lu?

Yes, Lord of the Rings when Elrond says “my patience is growing thin” … I am telepathic you know…

Well that’s how I feel Lu… 3 years and

(Jake just yelled out in pain)

What’s wrong Jake?

My left nut (he is barely able to straighten up)

Do a .50 of the Iush IV oil

I’m ok, it’s just like at the house of pain, I’ll be ok. (pain subsided)

Who did that to him Lu?



Mammon ordered it.


No reason

No reason?

No reason, just to see if she could.

Did it hurt her?

Yes, and it hurt Mammon.

So he is still testing the rules to see if the Father put them in effect?


He didn’t taste the burger?

Correct… but he did taste the onion.

What about Torrence?

He enjoyed the burger and did not taste the onion.

Why is matriarch coming up in my thoughts?

Mammon is saying “I want to kill the matriarch”

Mammon do you really want to go there? Did I bother you at all today?

Yes and no.


Because I can.

Even after giving the Father such a nice report…

You mentioned the white haze throughout your apartment


Gabriella is white.


Please understand she is not the only white haze in the apartment.

There is also a light blue… so what’s your point?




Question… is Gibriel and Gabriella two entities or are they the same?


Well damn… Just how many G’s are there?


Let me get this straight… there is Gibriel, Gabriella, Galadriel, ?


Who the hell is Gizelle!

Witch Hazel

This is more and more like the soap opera from Hell!!!


Because it is so friggin ridiculous! You guys do not know how to tell the truth! I ask over and over who is here. and you give me all these friggin names and tell me different names for each entity and I am supposed to keep this straight and know who the hell I am talking to when I CAN”T SEE YOU!!!!!!!!! to tell who you are yet you get insulted when I guess wrong!

(After calming down and getting my hot chocolate coffee, I came back to the table, to the laptop at Ryan’s seat.)

Now, who do we have? Females first please.

Baraciele is Gibriel… she is Conquest but she is married to Snuffy.

Berechiele is Hagatha… she is Papillon’s daughter but not a penguin but she does act like one and macaroni penguins are her favorite. Her father is Starvation, she is Anorexia.

Barachiele is a child muse of 5 but her name she answers to is Samardija and she is Gabriella’s daughter but not the same Samardija that gives nightmares.

The Samardija that gives nightmares is Witch Hazel

Is that like Broom Hilda?

She is another entity… not here.

Berichele is Papillo’s wife… Gabriella, but Papillo is not Samardija’s father

Like I said… soap opera from Hell…

Yes it is… we are not done yet. Babs is not a G name but she is Barechiele and goes by the name Boolaria but is who makes you throw up from the Bulimia disorder and is married to Mammon.

Berechiele is not just Anorexia, she is also making you hunger for cheese and crackers because you ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR STOMACH SIZE!

And you had to scream that?


Why are you yelling?


I need munchies…

She is doing that.

Why did I make bread?

Because you were urged to by Torrence.

Can we get on with the names please?

Burechiele is not Sitael’s counterpart, He is a Guardian… she is not. But the name she goes by is Satael and she does build things. She is a Beelzebub but is not evil, and does not have free will, she does what she has to and can be very dramatic when she needs to be. Oh the horrors of a dramatic actress!

The drama queen?

The drama queen is Gibriel…

Ah…continue please…

Haladriel is Torrence’s mother and she is the beast of the Apocalypse but he is not Abad 'don...he is Abad`don, and doesn’t like when the computer changes the hyphen.

I don’t like it either but I don’t know how to fix it.

Neither does Ceipael.

Isn’t he the computer fixer?

Yes but he is stumped.

Me too…

Mmueteagal doesn’t remember how she made it do that so she can’t fix it either.

Bummer. Maybe it will come up and we can fix it then.

Or you could take it to Geek Squad…

Not today.


Next is Poppi and Pappi… they came with Shannon, but they are still a part of Gabriel and Booloria… they are not the only ones that came with her.

I am now getting a headache.

So is Mammon.

This is almost as bad as the entities in the aragonite stone.

No, this is worse.

How many are we talking about right now?


You just counting?

No, that is the actual number of female entities… the male entities are twice as many.

Did sweeping help at all?

Anastasia is happy.


Mananael is Anastasia, but you know her as Manael’s little sister.

Can we continue this later? I need a break.

Take a nap on the couch for a few minutes. Not the bedroom…

Any particular reason?

Mammon is in there and he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Let’s leave him be.

Five minutes… that’s all you need.


Couldn’t even give me 5 minutes huh…




Which one?


So who is she married to?



No, just different parts.

I still think that’s bullshit.

With just cause, they are all one, and are different parts.

So who’s part of Mammon is in my room?

Your part is still in the oubliette, that part is combined with the other parts in the apartment and is not as nice as yours was.

I am calling bullshit on all of this.

But it is what it is.

I am done here…just gonna read for a while or watch a movie. 5:42 PM

Regular After Prayer Therapy

9:29 PM

Attendance 8

Mediator – Lu








The Luviathan and Legion is Many (counts as one – inseparable)

Torrence says thank you

Torrence says thank you?

Yes. for not giving Echidna the oil in the whipped cream.

She didn’t need it.

Oh, ok

I only give it to her when I have to. You were behaving so she didn’t need it.


Good night Torrence.

Thank you.

You’re welcome




Why were you nice to him?

Because he behaved and wasn’t mean

Oh, umm, hmm… ok.

Anything else?

Um, later, not yet.




Papillon is not the one that upset your stomach today.

I only know what you guys tell me. If it was him, he would not have liked the snack. He said he wasn’t here for a taste of the food, Mammon ordered it. If he really did it, he would have tasted what he didn’t like. Papillon, did you taste the food at all?

No I did not.

But you felt sick?

I always feel sick.


I am starvation.


He is the designer for the holocaust, he starved millions of people.

Who ordered it? Lu the dancing…

But it’s a jamming song! Fall Out Boys’ “Immortals” is so much fun to dance to… 

But we are working… you can dance while we are working in the diary or the book… this is therapy. I need the keys for the correct words… especially when you are all talking at once…

But we don’t talk… we use telepathy…

Well then don’t think so loud. So Wallace, who made me feel sick today?

Actually it was Mammon

Did he tell you to say that?


How’s the tea Mammon?

I don’t taste it.

Do you taste the mint from the tic tac?

Yes, thank you for adding it.

So, who really ordered me to feel sick today? Gibriel… did you like the stir fry vegetables I had?

I didn’t taste those gorgeous peppers or water chestnuts or the carrots, the broccoli… none of it! Not a single one! And the mushrooms! You finally make mushrooms and I can’t taste them!

Anyone else having trouble tasting the food?

Not really, however she did taste the gross nastiness of the kielbasa and those horrible chicken cilantro wontons. Mostly everyone else just didn’t taste anything.


Mammon tasted what he liked. Torrence finally got to taste pretzels after like… forever!!!

So two of you did something good while the rest stayed out of trouble today… except Gibriel.


I have to do something good… to taste food?

Yes Gibriel, that’s the way it is. Deal with it.

Dammit! How did you do that?

I asked the Father to reinforce it when I prayed yesterday.

Oh, well damn.

Anything else?


Anyone else need to talk?

Yes, Michael says he will tell the Father the food rule works.

Thank you Sir.

He left.

Ok… hopefully it will continue and improve.

Hopefully… we are done.

Thanks Lu

Good night El

Time out 10:21 PM

Wait… what about The Laviathin and Legion is Many?

They came for Mammon, he wanted a ride.

I am not going to comment on that… are you kidding?

No, I’m not.

Um… ok then…

Good night… um El, why are you laughing?

The picture in my head… a big red and yellow Neanderthal faced gorilla with tiny goat legs riding this magnificent red and golden Celtic dragon so majestically… you have to see what Legaon is showing me in my head… the pictures he puts in my head are sometimes… indescribable…

Yes he does like doing that…

He is getting better at it… like he used to before I knew what was going on. You guys are getting your energy back?

Only positive, El… you don’t give us enough negative energy… but the positive does taste better.

Let’s keep it that way.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy with the Belials

11:12 PM

Was going to go to sleep but was urged to get the computer and write in the “Doors” chapter…

"There is so much more to the forest… and the hidden doors throughout the area… so in order to protect them, God, the Father of Everything   "

Gibriel, what are you doing?

Adding to your story.

You are trying to ruin the story.

Then stop calling me skanky bitch

When did I call you skanky bitch? Before the shower or during the shower?

Before the shower.

Were you with me while I was in there?


Why not?

Because I don’t like showers!

You like to be stinky and slimy?

I like to be soft…

But I like to feel clean and fresh, and I really like the sugar scrub… makes me feel soft and it also makes me a bit sparkly ^_^


Yeah, look… sparkly!

Hmm… sparkly…

And soft! Wow!

Hmm… you are soft, but not greasy soft… hmm…

You see… and I feel so much better after my shower…

Hmm, well, hmm…

Nothing to say?


Anything else?

No, I’m done.

So can I get back to what I was doing?

Yeah, sure…

Check out the scrub in the bathroom… it smells nice too…

No thanks, you sprayed bleach in there…

Well I don’t want mildew growing in there…then it would smell gross…

Oh, but Wallace is allergic to bleach.

Well then he needs to stay out of the bathroom.

Well, hmm.

Anything else Gibriel?

No, that’s it.

Good night Gibriel.

She left El

Oh thank you!

I think you can go to sleep now.

But I am really not sleepy yet.


Ok…then what?



(she had me read the passage on the blog about the gate to the maze)

Let’s see now, Just how many bitches of Hell are there?


Name them please…

Gibriel (Conquest), Galadriel, Haladriel (Beasty), Boolaria (Babs), Berechiele (Penguin), Popiollo (Shannon’s), Orion (Ryan’s), Beatleguese (Ryan’s)

So there is only 7 not 10… so who is Galadriel?

She is married to Papillo.

I thought Gibriel was married to Papillo

No she is married to Snuffy.

So Gibriel is married to Snuffy, Galadriel is married to Papillo, Haladriel is Abad’don’s mother, Boolaria is married to Mammon, Berechiele is Papillon’s daughter, Beatleguese is Betelgeuse’s daughter, Orion is married to Betelgeuse, and Popiollo…?


Snuffy is the pile of poop with the trunk?


Papillo is the soldier guy that doesn’t fight and struts around like a pompous ass?

Yes that’s right…

Abad’don is a snake with an attitude but goes by the name of Torrence…


Papillon is the one with a mouth that looks like a sphincter and is the pixie infested pelican that designed the holocaust.

No, he is not a pelican but he is infested with pixies and he does have a sphincter for a mouth.

Betelgeuse is the dying star but his daughter Beatleguese is a pompous ass with an English accent and they have square eyes.


And Boolaria has to put up with the monkey goat?

No, Boolaria loves him.

She likes being abused?

No, he never abuses me.

Never huh…

Not really…

Does he let you speak for yourself? Or do you have to say what he gives you permission to say?

No and yes…

Does he ask you to do things or does he order you to do things?


Does he say “would you do this please”

No, he just says “Boolaria get my phone!”, “Boolaria come here”, “Boolaria do this NOW!” He never asks just yells and tells me to do this or that.

Just like a narcissist.

A narcissist?

The hidden abuser… you don’t see the scars but they run much deeper. Sounds very familiar.


I do love this song…

Me to, he really has a beautiful voice…

And the way he sings this song…

Breaking Benjamin right?

Yeah… “Ashes of Eden” … I really love the video for it too…

Me too.

So do you deliberately sabotage the food or does he tell you to cause a problem?

He tells me to… me and Snuffy are ordered to make you mess up a lot of the cooking, unless he likes what you’re cooking… the other sabotages are Gibriel. She gets really bad with the pudding.

You don’t sabotage the pudding?

No, just the dinner stuff.

So you take turns.

Basically, yes.

You sound like we need to chat more… tomorrow morning therapy would be a good idea for you… after coffee and morning prayer… therapy.

Ok. Thanks.

Good night Babs.

Time out 12:41 AM

Private session with Mammon

1/22/21 9:15 PM

Therapy Session

Now why were you nice to Dave after he hit you?

I don’t know… why am I nice to you after you have been so cruel to me and my boys?


Was I mean to you today?

No. why?

Why what?

Why were you not mean?

Did you cause any problems today?

No, not really.

You didn’t give me a reason to be mean.


I act out as to how I am treated. As long as you don’t hurt me, or my children, I have no reason to be mean. I am generally a nice person. If you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. I really don’t instigate or initiate an argument but I will fight back. You say you have been with me practically all my life and you don’t know this?


Gabriella… actually, yes I did but Mammon chose not to put her in an oubliette. He has to control her or he gets what she gives… why did you say you were Mammon?

Mammon told me to so you would let me talk.

What time is therapy?

From 9:00 -11:00 PM

And who is supposed to come to therapy?

All us devils

All of God’s Behavior Disorder angels… His Fallen… as well as the Special Education demons that have issues… and yes the devils are supposed to show up as well to talk out their issues of why they do what they do.


Between 9 PM and 11 PM is time for therapy. So if you have something you need to talk about, and are not here to waste time, then by all means… talk.

How did you know it was me and not Mammon?

The sound of your voice and the fact that you use caps a lot.

You can hear me?

Sort of… hard to explain… but kind of like a thought… except when you use caps… It sounds like you are whining.

Ok, then, my problem is, you have tried to send me to an oubliette but not Boolaria. Why?

Actually I wanted all of you “ladies” in an oubliette. You give me so much trouble I just want to get rid of you. I wish you had mass sometimes so I could slap the crap out of you because of the things you do to me. Yesterday was downright mean Gabriella… totally uncalled for. But today you didn’t bother me, so I didn’t do anything to you either. I don’t “throw the first punch” but I do retaliate. Did you like the granola today?

As a matter of fact, I did.

When you behave, you taste what you like. It’s as simple as that. Did you taste the grapes?


Do you want to taste the grapes?

No. I really do NOT like grapes.

But you like raisins?

Why, yes I do.

Did you know raisins are made from grapes?

No, I did not. Hmm. Interesting… totally different texture.

So basically you had a quiet day.


Do you see the difference?

Not really.

Yesterday, you had Simardija try to give me a nightmare, did you taste the granola yesterday?

Actually, no come to think of it… no I did not.

Then at the mall you had me running to the bathroom. Did you taste the peppers and mushrooms on the pizza?

No. I did not.

But you did taste the pizza itself.

Yes… UCK!

Did you get to taste that wonderful ice cream and waffle cone?


Because you were mean to me.  Today you got to taste what you like, because you were not really mean and you did some good deeds. You didn’t bother me.

Ok, now I am starting to understand.

And when you really give me a hard time, the “retaliation” goes to your boss… Mammon.

He is not my Boss.

Who is the boss of Hell?


Who is your boss?


Is he still in his oubliette?

Yes he is

He kind of gets what you do to me as far as nightmares, heart attacks, indigestion, etc.… just like you, which also goes to Mammon if you don’t cancel your order….


In other words… if you say to give me heart attack... you get the pain from the heart attack times three. If you let it escalate instead of canceling, Papillo gets the pain from the heart attack as well as you, and if you continue, it goes to Mammon. Then you will have to deal with whatever he does to you… plus you taste yucky food you don’t like and you don’t get to taste the food you do like.


The keys are getting really heavy Gabriella… what are you doing? Besides just wasting time.

Detaining you so you don’t get a shower.

I wasn’t planning on getting a shower tonight. I want to wait until morning.

Oh. Hm. Dammit.

Why do you want to cause a problem when you were good all day?

Well, I am a devil after all. It is what I do.

I thought you were “Conquest”.

I am, why are you laughing?

Because of the picture of you I have in my head.

Oh please do tell…

The white horse as you are holding on to the reins for dear life as it gallops on his ride with your butt up in the air and your hair all curly and flopping in your face and everywhere but more like the way females are portrayed in comic magazines.


She left El.

Oh thank you Lu! And thank you Legaon for the image! It cracks me up every time!

The names she has told me …

Gabriella, then Barachiele, then, Baraciele, Vivian, Vivial, Viviel, then Gabriella again, can’t forget Elohim, Conquest

That’s about all so far El.

Adonai is Babs?


Gerbil is a different entity?

Correct again.

I just really can't take any one of them seriously

I know


And a cup of tea…please.

Thanks Lu

Time out 10:20 PM

9:45 PM… End of time…Therapy 12/29/2020 … = 9



Mediator - Lu



The Laviathin

Legeon is Many

Zadkiel (Ezekiel and Little Zadkiel’s Dad)

Chemial (Big Zakaria’s mom)

Mammon speaking

Why did you threaten me?

Who is the leader, master, top guy, boss… of Hell?


Does any other entity control you?


Who is the master of Hiladriel?


And who is the boss of Abad`don?

I am.

Would you like it better if the rule is the offender, the boss of the offender, and the boss of Hell is included?


How about, next time Hiladriel attacks, I have her, you and include Abad`don in the order? Would that be more justified?

Why ME?

You are the BOSS! The way I see it, if you can’t control your “minions” you should go with them to see how it’s done. Basically as the saying goes… “The captain is responsible for his crew.” In other words… if you can’t control them, you will get punished along with them.

So you want to play rough.

I will hit you right back. Did Hiladriel like the tooth ache?

No she did not…

Did you?

You did that to me?

Well you can thank Hiladriel for that.


Karma law is in effect… and if they don’t stop, it goes to you as well… whether you ordered it or not.


Control them, Mammon. Keep them off me and my family or it goes back to you as well… and if I have to, I will use my secret weapons.

Secret weapons? What weapons can a mortal like you have that have any effect on me?

Just keep them off me and my family.


They all left?

No, just him.

Ok, who’s next?

Zadkiel speaking

Why do you think Ezekiel and Zadkiel are dragons? I mean Denis is but my other two are not…

These are the ones I was told about when I was told about them…

Little Zacharia 8...Angel Star Hydra (Rophiel and ?) Kidnaps Mammon (and others) for fun... a game they play together since he was 3. (They are very secretive of this one.)

Big Zakaria 16... Cherub demon Norse (Chamuel and Chemial) Helps with the younger ones when he is able to, otherwise he is searching for things... or turning the knobs on the gas stove...

Ezekiel 5 ... (girl)Iceland, Cherub Norse (Ezekiel and Zadkiel)

Zadkiel 10 ... Israel, Cherub Hydra (Zadkiel and Ezekiel)

Denis 3 ... Brazil, Cherub Celtic (Zadkiel and Ezekiel)

Now it is my understanding, Cherubs generally have four sides… is that correct?

Yes… but not these angels… they were born a little different… kind of a “special” group… humans would refer to them as “Special Ed”. They are very intelligent… just made different. They are only part dragon… the other parts just didn’t develop.

I see… so they are dragon but they are Cherub dragons… Cherubs don’t have dragon sides… they are lion, eagle, ox, and human like.

Yes but there are some that are different from the Cherub of Heaven. There are some that have griffin, dragon, winged horses, and other “mythical” creatures. These are the “special” ones.

Thank you. Um… do they like playing “kidnap”?

They love it!

Then why are you here?

To clear things up. You had them listed as Archangels but they are Cherub. Thank you for fixing it.

Thank you Zadkiel, for clearing that up. I was not corrected when we first met. I thought since you are Archangel, I thought they were too.

They take after their mother… Ezekiel.

Ah, ok… and Chemial, you are Cherub as well?



No, only part…

What about Zakaria?

He takes after me.

How many sides?

We both only have two sides.

So he is part dragon?


So that was you playing the part of Queen Zupiter?

Yes… please don’t remind me… I hated playing that part. I am so glad that game is over…

Is that an English accent?

Yes…York to be precise… nowhere near Kent… opposite side of England.

You got that huh…

Telepathy is how we communicate Dear…

Thank you for keeping the headaches away. They are not as bad as they used to be… Lu, I know this is a fun song but you can’t use the keys for dancing when we are trying to work…

But I love Imagine Dragons! “I’m on top of the World” is such a fun song to dance to!

I do too but we have to keep going. Thank you Chemial… anything else?

No thank you.

Who’s next?

Well, Haladriel was up but she left with Mammon… she was not pleased… she was freezing and her mouth hurts.

Hope she behaves tomorrow.

Me too… The Laviathin and Legion is Many would like to say thank you for letting them join the “kidnapper club”… they love it!

Isn’t it more fun than doing possessions?

It is sooo much better!!! We hated doing possessions! Papillo would make us do such horrible things… it was so painful… we pray for people to tell us to stop…

I know… can anyone else command you to do these possessions?

Mammon can.

Anyone else?

No… only Mammon.

Papillo is really gone huh…

Yes Ma’am.

Please, call me El, “Ma’am” is just not me... Lu… the dancing…

But it’s Engelbert Humperdinck!

Lu! Stop it!

We love the music… PARTEH!!!

Partying a bit early huh…

Yup… we are done…

Ok, time out 11:25 PM 

Our Christmas Tree

Part 3

And what is wrong with our tree?

You do the same lame ass tree every friggin year since we moved here.

Hello Torrence. What is wrong with it?


I suppose you didn’t like dinner either.

No I did not!

Why not?


You didn’t like the steak bone I gave to Echidna?

I didn’t get a taste because you gave her sage oil for her tooth coming in!

She is in pain. What am I supposed to do?

Use whiskey! Like everyone else!!!

We don’t have whiskey and it is not good for her… she was crying… I had to do something and the vet doesn’t have a problem with it. He even said it was a good idea.


Well then stay away from my dog… did you like the bread?

You know I can’t resist it!

Too bad Torrence… no tormenting her today.

He left El.

Thanks Lu.

I really can’t stand the feel of him…

I know he’s a tough one, but you got through it… 

After Dinner Therapy

Part 2

December 25, 2020

5:24 PM

Already done with dinner but had to lay down… my back is in so much pain I can’t stand up... Jake had to help me to my room. And, even though we had a really good dinner, Mammon is being a jerk… Why?

He didn’t like the prime rib roast.

What was wrong with it? It came out perfect…

You used whipped butter and pink rock salt on that beautiful specimen of the perfect roast… YOU RUINED IT!!!

Oh man… I am so sorry Mammon… did you like the Brussel sprouts and carrots?

No, dammit, you scorched them. How could you burn them? How could you do that to those beautiful Brussel sprouts???

Who interfered?

Someone interfered?

Yes… distracted me with the washer going off balance so I had to fix it, and the flame was too high, even though I put it on low.

Dammit Boolaria!!! Keep out of the damn kitchen when she is cooking stuff I like!!!

You didn’t like the salad?

No, I don’t eat romaine lettuce and call it salad.

You don’t like spring rolls?

No, dammit.

What about the Texas toast? You like that don’t you?

You made it on French bread and put WHIPPED BUTTER on it!!!

But the butter was unsalted.


But it was sooo good! I am so sorry you didn’t like the special dinner I made today… maybe you would have liked it if you didn’t cheat yesterday.

How do you figure I cheated?

You started the new game yesterday instead of waiting until midnight. In other words, you jumped the gun… like a runner jumping out before the starting pistol. You cheated. You lost this game so you have to sit this one out. See you Monday afternoon.

He left again, El…

Cool, thanks Lu.

He will be back for that brownie cake you made.

He likes chocolate mint?


Does he know what else is in it?

No… what did you do?

Well, it has the dark chocolate cocoa powder, and the candy cane sugar that he likes but it also has raw powdered sugar in the whipped cream… and I may have spilled some pumpkin egg nog in it while I was making it. I also spilled in a touch of salt and did the two step whipped cream you guys taught me to make it butter cream… then used real mint leaves and candy canes to make it pretty.

No, I didn’t teach you that! Rophiel did! I am not taking the blame for that!!!

What about the rest?

He will see it and he will like the way it looks… but the taste… oye, he is going to be so upset…

Is he going to be a problem?

We got you El, we got you…

Thank you Lu…

Tea and cake is at 7 sharp…

Yes sir!

Not a sir, just following orders.

Oh shoot… forgot… Cancel all orders!!! Sorry Lu… tell the others…

Yup, on it!


Time out 6:02 PM

Therapy Sessions 


Part 1

(Mediator, Lu)

"Yes therapy… you need it."

"I can’t find the house keys and other spinners don’t really work as well"

"The keys are not important, we can use the bracelet"

"Fine, but no spells allowed while I am typing or otherwise."






Mammon speaking…

“Why do you tell Him on me?”

“Why do you attack me?”

“Because it is what I do. I am evil.”

“Yea, and since I can’t do anything to you, I tell God because He can. I am sorry but the words ‘I am evil’ are comical to me... not scary. Would you like to see the video of Mike Myers as Dr. Evil with the possessed chair? Because that is what I see in my mind when you say “I am evil”.”

“Yes I would.”


Watched video on YouTube from Mike Meyer's "Austin Powers" ... the scene with "Dr Evil and the Possessed Chair"


“Now do you see why I laugh when you say that?”

“That is hysterical!!! LMAO!!!”

“But Mammon, you don’t have an ass…”

“Yes I do. I have legs…”

“Goat legs…lol”

“Where did you get that idea?”

“Either you are the flaming torso without an ass or you are the monkey goat I saw when I first started seeing you guys.”


“Next subject?”


“He got insulted and left.”

“Big baby. And he wonders why I don’t fear him.”


“I am not a baby.”

“You sure act like one.”


“Sip your tea Mums…”

“It’s a little too hot yet.”

“We need to get going on the web site.”

“Who says?”

Xedael (11)

“I guess therapy is over?”

“Yes, they left… insulted.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, Mums… you called Gabriella a gerbil, and Hiladriel was insulted because you associate her as Gabriella and Booloria, because Mammon left and Mammon is the monkey goat.”

“And all this time I thought the monkey goat was his father.”

“Nope, it was him.”

“He always made himself out to be a centaur…”

“Yea, he hates being a monkey goat.”

“Not satyr…”

“No, a satyr is half stag, he is half goat.”

“So, what do you want to do for the website?”

“We need to spice it up a bit. Perk it up… so to speak.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“The Muses didn’t do so well, and the ‘Magic of the Woods’ was good until the writer’s block episode…hmm…”

“New story?”

“Yes. go to the pictures please…”


Try this one…

Mmueteagal once told me she was a boy raccoon.

“Who is giving the order for a bad story?”


“Let’s cancel her order and you do what you do best… you are so much better than this.”

“Thanks Mumsie, I hate it when she shuts down my creativity.”

“Me too… do you have something better?”

“Therapy sessions.”

“Who’s idea is that?”

“Mine, but start with a muses therapy session. Jinx’s was a good one.”

“When she told me she was a woodpecker?”


“Do I have it here?”

“No it is on your note pad.”

“It may be gone.”

“We can recreate it…”

“It won’t make sense without the Zupiter thing…”

“Let’s look Mumsie, just try.”